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What is SEO?


SEO - short for search engine optimisation. It’s the process of getting traffic from the “free”/”organic search results on search engines.


Basically, maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by the search engine.


Why do I need SEO?


Search engines can only identify information that fits within the algorithms. (The science search engine uses to work out who’s on top!) The process of SEO ensures every element on your website is visible to the search engines, giving it a higher opportunity to rank high and be seek by a larger audience searching for your products.



Simply put SEO helps increase traffic to your website. The better your SEO the higher ranked on google your website can become. Creates brand awareness and helps generate sales and enquires.


SEO is the most cost effective marketing method for your website. Although you might not have the instant impact that comes with pay-per-click tatics (eg.ADWORDS), you will get a much higher return on investment in the end. This is because SEO is all about the long-term gain.

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